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  • The “Man Bag” Quandary - Breaking the Gender Stereotype
  • Post author
    David Melhuish

The “Man Bag” Quandary - Breaking the Gender Stereotype

The “Man Bag” Quandary - Breaking the Gender Stereotype

The “Man Bag” Quandary

 My name is David and I’m a Business Executive and founder of Voyager Leather.  I established Voyager in order to solve, what I’m going to call, “The Man Bag Quandary”.  Having worked in boardrooms across the UK and travelled a lot both for work and pleasure I’ve found that it’s not always easy to do so in style.  I’m a straightforward kinda guy so why is it so hard to find a great quality bag for men?  Well, not any more! Welcome to Voyager Leather.

When you search for luxury women’s bags online there is no shortage of items to choose from.  Do the same for men and it becomes difficult to find the sort of functional luxury men like myself are looking for from a mass of standard “man bags” thrown together from poor materials in mismatched ranges.

 There’s also no shame in being a quality man bag kinda guy.  Business men have travelled throughout the course of time and to travel in comfort with a little bit of luxury is no bad thing.  You would treat yourself to a first class travel ticket, invest in a quality car and book a deluxe hotel room; so why wouldn’t you complete the experience with the perfect carry all companion?  Like most men I’m also looking to combine good looks with quality that’s going to last and not fall apart after twelve months. Travelling can be hard work and I want a bag that can clock up the miles and still look great; and there is no better material than leather to deliver both. A material that has been used since time began can last a lifetime and look better with age (as we all hope we will!). At Voyager we only do leather, whether it's a briefcase, backpack or the 'man-bag' itself.

 About ten years ago men were secretly laughed at when carrying “man bags”, but such gender discrimination is outdated and a thing of the past.  Men travel.  Men need to carry stuff.  Men need man bags.  Simple!

 So, what should you look out for when buying a luxury leather bag?

 Selected correctly, the right leather bag will last you a lifetime.  It’s a relationship which will never, ever let you down and which can only improve with age as the leather wears itself in.  The three main areas to watch are the leather itself, the metal hardware and the finery of the stitching.

  • Good leather is durable yet tactile. A good leather will wrinkle naturally like skin – like the creases on your knuckles.
  • When it comes to hardware, zips are pretty easy to test. Try zipping them up and down; the smoothest are the best. Checking the D-rings that join handles or shoulder straps to the bag is also quite straightforward; all hardware is either a cast fitting or pressed metal.
  • Stitching by hand is always stronger than a machine because it involves two threads interweaving through the leather. A machine can’t reach through and bring a needle back.

My personal guarantee at Voyager Leather is that I have done all of the checking for you on the details of every bag, wallet and luggage on my website.  I’ve carefully curated the very best bags there are to offer to take away that “Man Bag Quandary”.  So, what are you waiting for? Grab your first class travel ticket and remember to take along your new piece of Voyager Leather.



  • Post author
    David Melhuish

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