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  • 10 Tips For Always Looking Great With Your Leather Bag
  • Post author
    Abner Holroyd

10 Tips For Always Looking Great With Your Leather Bag

10 Tips For Always Looking Great With Your Leather Bag

10 Tips For Looking Always Looking Great With Your Leather Bag

If you’ve got a leather bag, then you’re already in possession of a very stylish item. There’s something classy and elegant about leather bags, it’s hard to carry one around and not look good!

Having said that, there are a few ways in which you can make a good leather bag even better. So, if you’re keen to elevate your leather bags to new heights, take a look at the tips down below:

Match The Bag To The Right Look

Styling your leather bag is very important if you want it to look even better. A good leather bag will look out of place if it’s not used with the right outfit to complement its style. For example, a typical black leather bag will go well with your typical office or professional attire to create a more authentic look. Leather tote bags are best suited for more casual outfits, and so on. If you match the leather bag to the right look, you can take it to new levels. Build your collection around your life, what you like to wear and what you like to do; there’s a leather bag for all occasions.



Cycle Between Bags

Speaking of having multiple leather bags, it’s encouraged that you cycle through the different styles as often as possible. This does two things; firstly, it helps you avoid overusing one bag, this is beneficial as it means you can prolong the life of every bag by rotating through them all.  Secondly, it allows you to try out new styles, enhancing your daily looks. People start to notice if you carry around the same bag every day, and they’ll think it’s the only one you own, but they’ll notice even more when you walk in with a fantastic new leather bag. Turn heads all the time by switching between different styles.

Clean The Outside Of Your Bag Every Month

Keeping the leather in good condition is essential if you want your bag to reach new heights. Fail to do so, and it can easily fade away and get dull very fast. This is because the leather is constantly exposed to various things in the air every day. So, you should clean your bag once a week to make sure it looks brand new at all times. All you have to do is wipe the outside with a moist clean cloth, then dry it with a different soft cloth.

Weatherproof Your Leather Bag

It goes without saying that genuine leather bags are very good at protecting things from the rain. You’re unlikely to open your bag and find everything soaking wet after a quick rain shower. However, these bags are never 100% waterproof, and they will get damaged over time if unprotected. So, you should weatherproof your bag with a quality protective spray. Simply spray it on the surface of your bag, and it acts as a barrier against water. We suggest you spray a small area to test it first, but good quality sprays are typically ok on most leather surfaces. You have a great looking leather bag that can last a lifetime so don’t skimp looking after it.

Condition The Leather Every Month

Conditioning leather is basically the same principle as moisturising your skin. If you don’t moisturise regularly, your skin eventually gets really dry and cracked (this applies to you too fellas, moisturising is good for everyone). The same happens to your leather bag if it isn’t conditioned. Slowly but surely, the leather starts to crack and peel away, which is a very ugly look. You can buy specialist leather conditioner from many different places or try making your own at home. Various experts claim that a concoction of white vinegar and linseed oil works wonders but be careful and test it first. Do this once a month at most, and you’ll retain your leather bags natural shine.

Keep It in The Dark

We don’t mean to keep your secrets from your bag, you can tell a good leather bag anything, but left in the sun on a shelf the leather may fade, discolour or even dry out and crack If facing in only one direction the bag will lighten on one side and remain darker on the other. A dust bag doesn’t sound too glamorous, but it will help your leather bag stay in great shape. Essentially, this is a bag accessory that you use to cover your bag when it’s not being used. No doubt you have multiple leather bags, and it’s impossible to bring them all out at the same time. So, to protect them from collecting dust and damaging the leather, pop them in a dust bag and store them in your wardrobe out of the sun.

Use A Bag Liner

This is a great little accessory that improves your leather bag. The basic idea is that a liner protects the interior of your bag. If you regularly carry around liquids or anything that might spill, then the liner will prevent the actual leather from damage and potential staining through to the outside surface. Not only that, but you also have the benefit of extra pockets and storage from a bag liner, making your leather bag more practical.

Bag Liner

Never Leave Your Bags Empty

We don’t have any problem filling our bags when we use them and are often surprised by exactly what we’ve managed to accumulate. One of the beautiful things about leather bags is the way they look and feel so sturdy. This is thanks to the toughness of the material, helping the bags take on a very specific shape. However, your bag can lose shape over time if it’s not taken care of properly. The trick is ensuring you don’t leave it empty. An empty bag can easily lose its shape, so you should stuff it full of something to help it retain the natural shape of the bag. A simple tip, but it makes all the difference.

Don’t Touch Your Bag With Dirty/Greasy Hands

Leather is a tough and durable material, but it can still damage and stain from dirt and particularly oils and grease. The biggest error is handling your leather bag after putting on hand cream on, smoothed make up or lip gloss with your finger. This is a surefire way to create grease marks and stains, which damage the leather and give you more cleaning work to do. If possible, handle your bag with clean, dry, hands. Or, get a pair of stylish leather gloves to wear, ensuring your natural skin oils don’t harm the leather.

Never Put Your Leather Bag On The Floor

Some bags are made for throwing about and tough environments, great for backpacking or the football kit. Where you want to maintain the perfect stylish look of your best bag however putting your bag on the floor is an easy way of asking for trouble. Floors are full of dirt, which will attach itself to your bag and can ruin the condition of the leather. When your bags are stored at home, make sure they’re either hanging up or have something between them and the floor - like a protective cloth. If you’re out, try hanging your bag on chairs, or even purchase a bag hook. This is a helpful accessory that pretty much lets you attach a hook to any table you’re at and hang your bag from it (you’ll rarely see an Italian woman without one in a restaurant).



 No matter what style or type of leather bag you have, these tips will help elevate it to new levels. By following this advice, your leather bag will remain in tip-top condition, look incredibly stylish, and last a lot longer as well.

 Happy Voyaging


  • Post author
    Abner Holroyd

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